Friday, May 28, 2010

ow hi

hi.. sorry guys...

i know.. this is inexcusable... 2 years.. i know i know... well you see i'm working on my masters right now down under...

but i'll really try to insert a review from time to time... well that too.. i have a lot to catch up on...

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Thursday, October 02, 2008


so many movies, so little time... look at the date of the last post! it's been 2 years!! oh my.. i havea lot of catching up to do...

well early this week i just watched the sisterhood of the traveling pants (2).. and i loved it... and saw last month a lot of movies like Hellboy 2, the Mummy 3, and many more... i'll try to post snippets of reviews for each movie i saw to keep this blog "moving" again.. haha... but for now, back to work!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Lot of Movies.. so Little time... (i'll catch up)

oh darn... its been weeks since my last post.. so busy this month... however, that didn't stop me from watching films... sadly i just wasnt able to write anything about them.. tsk tsk...

some of the films i watched were...

  • You, Me and Dupree (Kate Hudson,Owen Wilson)

  • The Guardian (Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher)

  • Step Up

  • Snakes on a Plane

...but ill catch up soon...




Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Review: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Click to Enter Movie's Official Website...not many people really liked the movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"... just try browsing the major movie review sites out there.. but hey!!! this blog/site's not one of them...

yada yada.. ya i really havent blown off any movie yet from my posts but hey.. i really wouldnt waste my 1 and a half hours sitting on any movie so if i happened to watch it... i must feel good about the movie in the first place before i watch and review it...

on to the movie..

well seriously, i think the timing of this movie is just right for me.. you know after watching a lot of superhero flicks - you know action studded, blasting, gun-firing, red tights, utility belts, mutation, ... AAAARRGGGHHH...

...the comedic spin to it might just be the right formula... and it worked... as the audience, you come in the theatre knowing its a comedy and for that you have different expectations - and you may not admit it but such expectations are new... heck when was the last time you watched a "real" superhero flick which lines up with comedy... Agent Banks nor the Spy Kids don't count!!! (lol)

...the plot's fresh... when was the last time you watched a superhero getting dumped... see? geeting the point?

i like Uma's acting.. as the super-stressed hero, she played it convincingly, Luke, well, apart from he's fat, he's old funny Luke... you know one-liners here and there... and another thing i liked about this film is Anna Faris breaking out into a "real" movie.. not the "Not Another Blah Blah" Movie Series... although its still a comedy, its not a spoof movie.. well her acting's mature enough to take on "advance" roles so good for her...

to close, well its not a "fantastic" 5 stars movie.. but its a "good" movie nonetheless... we really don't need to always have movies where we go out the theatre with a heavy heart or crying or having a heart attack for too much laughing... you know, once in a while its fun to see a feel-good flick after a long day in the office... it may not be a blockbuster but at least its well worth your 1 and a half hours...


* photo from the movie's official website



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Review: Sukob (Filipino for "Curse"/"Wedding Curse")

Click to Enter Movie Official WebsiteThe story revolves around the superstition that a couple should not get married in the year as when a member of the family dies or gets married also at the same year.

Here, Sandy (Kris Aquino) and Phil (Wendell Ramos) are scheduled to get married. While preparing, Kris learned what happened to her childhood friend Helen…

Helen got married a short time after her father died. A few weeks after the wedding, Helen’s husband dies in a plane crash. As she goes to the crash site, she dies in a bus accident. A few weeks later, Helen’s mother suddenly disappears inside her house as all their bodies have never been recovered.

Helen really has nothing to do with both Kris nor Claudine it just introduces viewers to the superstition…

Moving on, Sandy/Kris continues her wedding which translates into a series of unfortunate events… which are similar as to the stories about Helen... to stop this, Sandy searches for answers leading her to discover old family secrets which in the end would be the key as to stopping the curse that is “Sukob” (wedding curse)…

Well, this horror flick sure gave me a handful of scares all throughout… Kris Aquino’s acting continues to improve and Claudine Barretto is an established actress herself.. Wendell I guess needs more workshops… Ronaldo Valdez’s humor balances all the horror happening and Boots Anson-Roa, well for the role, she’s really over-qualified… what can I say?

As a whole… well.. the movie’s scary.. if you like movies that make you twitch from your seat from time-to-time go and watch this movie…

* photo from the movie’s official website



Review: The Devil Wears Prada

Click to See Movie Trailer
The story revolves around the life of Andrea Sachs portrayed by the beautiful Anne Hathaway, a small-town girl fresh out of college, landing the job referred to as "a million girls would die for."

She’s hired as a 2nd assistant to Miranda Priestly, portrayed perfectly by Meryl Streep, the well-known editor of Runway magazine.

As an assistant, Anne/Andrea is made to do impossible tasks such as providing the last unpublished Harry Potter book, Starbucks coffee, even plane tickets on a very stormy day.

She puts up with all this just to prove that she can and one day she’ll benefit from it.. she slowly reaps her prize however at the expense of her personal life…showing that the job that “a million girls would die” really is killing her. She therefore decides if all such success is worth it…

The movie’s very entertaining if I may say.

Although it reminds me of a cross between a recent film I watched, Click! (success over family plot) and Anne Hathaway’s original Princess Diaries (ugly duckling to beautiful swan), the film was great. The actors/actresses played their characters well especially Meryl Streep. I like the part at the end where she smiles amid all what has happened showing her “goodness”… but I won’t give any more details.. go ahead and watch it.. you’ll be entertained

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